Exide Limited Warranty

Exide-Branded Battery Warranty Claim Information

Exide-branded batteries are exclusively distributed by Battery Systems Inc. The warranty provided by Battery Systems Inc. on your Exide-branded battery helps you feel confident that your battery meets performance requirements. If your Exide-branded battery fails, we recommend having it tested to determine the cause of failure. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it recharged and retested. 

If your Exide-branded battery still fails, please view the Limited Warranty Policy* below to determine the recommended course of action.

Limited Warranty Policy with Pro Rata

Limited Warranty Policy without Pro Rata

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Exide-Branded Battery Liability (Damages) Claim Information

Was your Exide-branded battery involved in an incident resulting in personal injury or damage to property? If so, please see information below.

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