Transportation Liability Claim FAQ


How do I know if my claim is subject to a damage claim?

Claims are considered “damage claims” if the product was involved in an incident resulting in damage to property or personal injury. If your battery has failed and did not result in any damage, the claim would be considered a warranty claim. If you believe your battery is eligible under the Exide warranty, please visit the warranty section > hyperlink to warranty FAQ.


My battery was involved in an incident and may now poses a hazard. What should I do?

Your personal safety is of the utmost importance, so use extreme caution when handling or transporting the affected unit. If you feel the battery is not safe, please contact our Claims Department at (678) 566-9359 for further instructions.


Is a proof of purchase required to submit a damage claim?

While not having the original purchase receipt or other valid proof of purchase will not bar you from submitting a damage claim, it does facilitate the claim process. The name and location of the retailer where the battery was purchased is required.


What is a valid proof of purchase?

A dated sales receipt from Retailer which clearly lists the model, price and any Core Charge (a deposit built into the original cost of a battery).

In lieu of the original sales receipt, a copy of a credit card or bank statement is acceptable.


What are acceptable estimates for repair or medical bills?

All repair estimates must contain the repair company’s letterhead and details to support the services needed to complete the repair. All medical bills should have the name of the medical practice and the doctor providing care (be sure to cover or remove any sensitive or confidential patient information with your submission)


How do I submit a damage claim?

Before submitting a claim, please ensure you have all pictures and documentation scanned and ready to be attached as these will be required to submit a claim.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Claims Center”
  • Click “My battery was involved in an incident resulting in personal injury or damage to property”.
  • Select “Submit a Damage Claim”
    • Complete the steps to create a user profile.
    • You will be prompted to enter all case details.
    • Before completing your submission, you will be asked to attached all pictures, estimates or other documentation.
    • Verify all case details and submit

After your claim is submitted, the case will be reviewed and you will be contacted by claims representative for further guidance or information as necessary.


I do not have a way to upload my pictures or receipts? Can I submit a claim by mail or fax?

Yes, if you are unable to complete a claim submission online you can contact Exide at (678) 566-9359 or [email protected] for further information.