You asked, we delivered: Exide launches all-range automotive brochure

Our distributors have been telling us that they want all of our automotive battery ranges in one place – in the typical Exide way, we’ve responded by launching an all-encompassing brochure.

This new catalogue offers a complete consolidation of our portfolio, bookended and influenced by our new corporate identity, which highlights our original equipment pedigree and desire to build a new and sustainable future.

Vehicle types include cars, trucks, boats, caravans and motorhomes, motorbikes, special vehicles, agriculture and construction equipment.

The essentials in one place

In the opening pages, readers will discover how we are energizing a new world in the face of complex real-world challenges, like climate change and increasing demand for energy.

Flicking through, they will find a useful QR code, which will send them to the Exide Battery Finder. We know every vehicle has different requirements; therefore, fitting the correct battery is vital. The Exide Battery Finder will identify which battery is suitable for the specific vehicle and will reveal fitting instructions and performance parameters.

Moving on, readers will notice four main sections in the brochure, which present our full automotive battery offer – split into light vehicle, commercial vehicle, marine and leisure, and motorcycle and sport segments –  with images of individual batteries within those and their unique performance attributes and benefits. There are also lists of the battery codes, including precise technical drawings.

What’s more, illustrating our battery expertise and desire to support users as much as we can, we have provided legislative and technology updates for each of the ranges; for instance, in motorbike and sport, we explain the European legislation that prohibits the sale of battery electrolytes to end-users.

Click here to check it out.


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