Exide’s Car Battery Range Boosts Opportunities with Enhanced Labels

Gennevilliers, France – (11 September 2018) – To help aftermarket customers maximize rising Start-Stop servicing opportunities and guide them when making increasingly complex battery choices, global stored energy leader Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com) is refreshing selected labels and names within its leading light vehicle (LV) battery range. The changes further enhance the up-selling potential of the range, which contains many Exide OEM technologies that offer future-ready performance and competitive advantages to aftermarket customers. 

The new labels – which will be available on-shelf in 2019 – are designed to help simplify Start-Stop and conventional battery choices and build aftermarket awareness of the technologies needed by different powertrains. One key initiative has been devised in response to Exide aftermarket research. Feedback indicated that workshops sometimes encounter difficulties in differentiating between the various battery technologies and making the right recommendation to customers. This not only wastes fuel-savings for the driver, but also leads to early battery failure. To support best servicing practice, Exide is adding a distinctive, market-first guidance label on its Premium Carbon Boost, Excell and Classic standard flooded LV batteries, to ensure that they are fitted into the right powertrain technology.

The company is also taking a further step towards simplifying battery identification. Exide’s latest generation, AGM (absorbent glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) aftermarket batteries will no longer have ‘Start-Stop’ as part of their product names. Instead, an icon on each label will show them as compulsory for Start-Stop vehicles. In addition, a new icon on EFB batteries will show that they offer extra life for conventional cars too. This highlights the potential to upgrade customers with special requirements, such as high cycling, charge acceptance and more available energy for on-board equipment, to EFB technology.

“The rise in Start-Stop vehicles is bringing the aftermarket new challenges. There is an enormous amount of knowledge for distributors and installers to gather,” explained Michael Geiger, VP Sales & Marketing – EMEA at Exide. “Our new on-pack labeling will help aftermarket customers to correctly identify the right batteries for each type of vehicle, and make added-value sales.”

Exide’s labeling is not the only initiative adding value for workshops. “Our LV replacement batteries always feature Exide OE technologies,” confirmed Michael Geiger. “Having access to the latest developments enables our customers to stand out and make the most of vehicle trends.”

The technologies in Exide’s aftermarket ranges are drawn from its long-standing experience as a leading OE battery manufacturer. Development priorities include increasing battery lifespan and reliability across the range, as well as the overall user experience.

AGM technology is a key example. As the inventor of the first AGM battery for Start-Stop vehicles in 2004, Exide was ideally placed to move the innovation forward and recently introduced LifeGrid technology, which is now featured in its latest generation AGM batteries for the aftermarket. Using state-of-the-art punched grid plates, LifeGrid technology offers consistent power and higher specific energy throughput during life to effortlessly meet the demands of modern Start-Stop engines for both OE and the aftermarket.

Exide’s Premium Carbon Boost standard flooded batteries for the aftermarket also feature OE Exide technology, offering an ideal upgrade for conventional engines. Unique Carbon Boost technology for improved conductivity and faster recharge, reduces breakdown risk by helping the battery retain a healthy state of charge for longer. This latest battery generation also comes with a new plate design for greater robustness and increased resistance to high temperatures - further improving battery health to ensure driver satisfaction.

Distributors and workshops can find out more about Exide’s OE technologies and labeling initiatives, including battery training sessions, at Automechanika Frankfurt, 11-15 September in Hall 4.1, Stand D47.

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