Exide Technologies presented latest energy storage solutions for data center applications at Data Centre World Paris

  • Comprehensive energy storage solutions and services for data centers  
  • Introducing the new Sprinter Pure Power AGM battery range for optimized TCO  
  • Showcasing Solition Data Center – Cutting-edge lithium-ion solution for reliable and efficient back-up power 

Exide Technologies, an international leader in battery storage solutions, presented its new Sprinter Pure Power AGM battery range, as well as its Solition Data Center system, at Data Centre World Paris, 15 and 16 November 2023.  

Best-in-class energy storage solutions and expertise for data center operators 
As the world becomes increasingly digital, data centers must manage exponential growth in data volumes and, consequently, increase the capacity of their facilities. Operating costs need to be managed efficiently, while centers must become sustainable to remain competitive. They also require a reliable and advanced back-up power system in case of potential power outages. The choice of the right battery, to serve as the data center’s backbone, is thus most important.  

As a market leader in battery energy storage solutions for data center applications in EMEA, Exide Technologies has been the proven and reliable partner for data center operators and UPS system providers for decades. Within its Energy Solutions division, it offers the most advanced lead-acid battery technology, as well as intelligent lithium-ion based energy storage systems. Unparalleled expertise in battery sizing and energy management, combined with local project management support, customers can be sure of the most suitable, sustainable, and cost-efficient energy storage solution matching their specific requirements. 

New Sprinter Pure Power for optimized TCO – more than pure lead 
Sprinter Pure Power batteries in advanced AGM pure lead technology are designed to provide maximum reliability, durability, and performance in modern data centers, including large-scale colocation and hyperscale facilities. They are made with pure lead electrode and offer the highest power, corrosion resistance and high-temperature operation, allowing significant savings on air-conditioning. This results in considerably reduced CO2 emissions and substantial energy savings.  

Compared to traditional AGM batteries, Sprinter Pure Power provides a significant reduction of the data center total cost of ownership (TCO), thanks to 20% more power at high-rate discharge, 15-20% space saving, more than 12 years design life (Eurobat classification) and reduced charging cost due to their excellent charge efficiency. The thin plate design of Sprinter Pure Power ensures maximum energy transfer, and the special polypropylene container reduces water vapor emissions and prolongs the maintenance-free service life. 

Solition Data Center – Meeting tough demands with intelligent solutions 
Solition Data Center offers the safest and most advanced lithium-ion battery solution for data centers and commercial UPS, looking for reliable and efficient back-up power. This cutting-edge product incorporates fire protection systems at the module level. It supports the combination of new and used batteries, significantly reducing the minimum space required. 

“As a market leader, we were very glad to be back at Data Centre World Paris, a top event which reflects both current and emerging trends of the energy transition. And we were proud to cater to all customer needs with our forward-looking and comprehensive product offer,” said Serge Arbes, Senior Business Director Global Energy Solutions at Exide Technologies. 



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