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A History of Innovation

An idea that transformed into a global enterprise

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Electric Storage Battery Company

The Electric Storage Battery Company

The Electric Storage Battery Company, which would one day become Exide Technologies, was founded by W.W. Gibbs in 1888. Gibbs, an executive at a prominent Gas company, saw the potential of electricity as a source of lighting, and set out on his own. He purchased the patents of Clement Payen, a French inventor who advanced electrical storage, and began transforming those ideas into reliable commercial products.

An Innovative Mentality Since 1888

A Rich History of Powering the World

W.W. Gibbs’ intuition was correct. Electrical storage was set to play a bigger role in society — far bigger than he originally imagined. As transportation technology — and the energy storage capabilities it required — advanced, Exide evolved with it. Exide batteries were present when Commander Byrd established an American military base in Antarctica. Exide batteries powered wakeless torpedoes in World War II and stored the solar energy that charged NASA’s first lunar landing module. By 1987, the company’s product line was capable of powering practically every vehicle on American roads.

The Power of New

The Power of New

Exide Technologies’ former EMEA and Asia-Pacific business now operates as a standalone company under new owners. On October 27, 2020, the battery manufacturer announced the ‘closing of the deal’, successfully concluding its separation from the Exide Technologies Holdings in the US and the transfer of its entire business to a group of long-term shareholders, under the US-based Energy Technologies Holdings LLC.

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