Exide Technologies sets targets for a greener future unveiling binding climate related targets

Exide Technologies is leading the charge toward a sustainable and net-zero future. As a pivotal partner for industries and communities in the electrification drive, the company envisions energizing a new world with sustainability at the core of energy storage solutions. It does not just meet partners' needs but supercharges the world's energy requirements while preserving resources. The company pushes technological boundaries to deliver innovative, high-performance, and eco-conscious battery & energy storage solutions for today and tomorrow.

For more than 135 years, Exide Technologies pioneers sustainable battery & energy storage for a circular economy and a net-zero future. This industry leadership is the go-to choice for reliable and eco-conscious batteries and energy storage systems. Committed to ESG practices and aligned with the European Green Deal, Exide works resolutely toward achieving CO2 neutrality.

Sustainability Strategy
Exide's sustainability strategy revolves around environmental, social, and governance pillars. The company sets measurable targets, conducts a double materiality analysis, and aligns goals with global standards for a profound circular economy and a sustainable product lifecycle management. The commitment is to being the preferred supplier for energy storage solutions, ensuring safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly business practices, delivering high-quality products, and maintaining a focus on continuous improvement and open communication.

Climate Related Targets
In this context, Exide Technologies has unveiled a strategic initiative aimed at mitigating both direct emissions and those linked to purchased energy, commonly referred to as Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, the company has established a binding target of achieving a 30% reduction in emissions by the year 2030. This initiative not only underscores Exide's commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint but also signifies substantial progress towards aligning with the European Union's 2050 climate neutrality objectives. 

Furthermore, Exide Technologies is dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of its operations by ensuring a minimum of 20% of its energy consumption derives from renewable energy, generated by the company (or on its behalf), by 2030. The company pledges ongoing efforts to increase this proportion through a series of environmentally focused initiatives, demonstrating its proactive approach in fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

Renewable Energies Production
The seamless integration of renewable energies is at the heart of the strategy and with operating five photovoltaic installations in Portugal and Spain, the company is showcasing a commitment to renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions. These installations prove Exide's dedication to a more sustainable & greener world. 

Own Recycling Facilities
Exide also demonstrates its unwavering commitment to a sustainable future through three state-of-the-art recycling facilities. From design to manufacturing and delivery, these facilities set a benchmark for the circular economy, carbon footprint reduction, and community wellbeing. "We embrace sustainability, strive for positive social impact, and conduct business in a responsible manner. These are our pillars to energize a new world. Our vision is to electrify our partners in the most sustainable way for a better tomorrow”, says Stefan Stübing, CEO & President Exide Technologies. 

Exide Technologies with its robust sustainability initiatives, cutting edge-technologies and commitment to ethical business practices is leading the way toward a greener future. With its newly announced climate related targets, renewable energy production and recycling facilities, Exide Technologies is setting the stage for a future where energy storage is not just a necessity but a force for positive change.


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