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Electrifying the future of xEVs.
The 12V lead-acid battery – the crucial energy source in e-mobility that keeps everything running.
The world is changing.
That’s why we are energizing a new world.
You need a partner by your side to handle the upcoming requirements perfectly.
How regulations drive technological changes – and also your job.
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EU regulations lead the way to cleaner transportation and therefore drive the development of various types of electric vehicles. In this changing world, Exide Technologies continues to create new batteries to enable future vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions even further and improve overall driving efficiency.


Start-Stop Micro hybrid (micro)

Mild hybrid (mild)

Full hybrid (FHEV)

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

Electric (BEV)


Internal combustion engine

Internal combustion engine

Internal combustion engine + electric drive (10-30km)

Internal combustion engine + electric drive (50-100km)

Electric drive (200-500km)


fuel station
fuel station
fuel station
fuel and charging station
charging station

Battery type & technology (function)

12V AGM or EFB (cold cranking)

12V AGM or EFB (cold cranking) 48V Li-Ion (warm cranking + boosting)

150-300V Li-Ion or NiMh (electric drive & ICE boosting)

200-400V Li-Ion (electric drive & ICE boosting)

500-800V Li-Ion(electric drive) 1 or 2 12V AGM or Li-Ion (auxiliary)

12V AGM (auxiliary)

12V AGM or Li-Ion (auxiliary)

12V AGM or Li-Ion (crank/auxiliary) or 12V AGM or EFB (cold cranking)

12V AGM or Li-Ion (crank/auxiliary) or 12V AGM or EFB (cold cranking)

Battery size

12V AGM or EFB 50-70Ah

12V AGM or EFB 60-90Ah 48V Li-Ion 0.5-1 kWh

150-300V NiMh or Li-Ion 2-4 kWh 12V auxiliary 20-30Ah

200-400V Li-Ion 8-20 kWh 12V auxiliary 20-30Ah

500-800V Li-Ion 40-90 kWh 12V auxiliary 30-45Ah

12V auxiliary 10-15Ah

12V auxiliary 10-15Ah

12V AGM or EFB 60-70Ah

12V AGM or EFB 60-70Ah


Fiat Panda S&S Volvo XC60

Mercedes C200d Mild Hybrid BMW 320d Mild Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Suzuki Vitara Strong Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-in Jeep Renegade 4xe

Tesla Model 3

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Batteries that every vehicle is keen on.
The essential role of the 12V lead-acid battery.
The job description of the 12V battery does not fit on a business card. It is responsible for so many things; nothing works without it. It provides the necessary energy to activate the safety relay and connect the high-voltage battery to the board net and electric engine.
battery 12v
car blue
Main electrical loads are on the 12V battery
  • Standby power for security systems (alarm system, sensors, cameras)
  • Standby power to several ECUs and memory
  • Door locking (+ possibly BT or WiFi for hands-free access via mobile, or remote access/ control via app etc.)
cars charging
Main electrical loads are on the 12V battery

Initialization and monitoring of the charging process

engine start
power button
Main electrical loads are on the 12V battery
  • When the lead-acid battery is discharged, the car can’t start
  • Provide power to the relays/ safety contactors to activate the HV battery
Main electrical loads on the DC/DC converter, 12V battery as backup
  • Backup system capable of directly powering specific secondary loads
  • Stabilizes overall electrical system voltage
System failure
Main electrical loads are shifted from DC/DC to 12V battery
  • Power support to safety-critical loads such as power steering, ABS and brake boosting, door locks, emergency lights and e-call system (if installed) as the main power unit
  • Critical function in case of system failure
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Dedicated to power.
12V batteries – the Exide Technologies auxiliary energy source.
car xev
Ideal 12V power source for auxiliary systems in electric vehicles.
ADAS Support: Crucial for safety integrity, supports critical functions in driver assistance and vehicle safety.
exide agm
Exide AGM
For the toughest demands of electric cars.
exide efb
Exide EFB
OEM experience for the aftermarket.
exide auxiliary
Exide AGM Auxiliary
The reliable power source.
More than batteries:
We support workshops and installers.
The Exide Technologies tools and know-how for electrifying your daily business.
Workshops are evolving to meet changing vehicle needs, including fitments, replacements, and advanced diagnostics. Exide Technologies offer the products, the services and the program that makes them fit for the future. Whether it be trainings, tools, battery replacement data, or innovative storage solutions that are becoming increasingly important with the rise of electromobility. 
Battery Finder
The Exide Battery Finder guides to easily find the right battery.

Get specific information about:

  • Battery location
  • Replacement process
  • Task time calculation
  • BEV: 12V battery replacement intructions
  • Battery technical datasheet
  • Batteries comparison

Find your right battery, search by …

  • License plate number
  • VIN number
  • Battery part or cross reference number
  • Vehicle & model
  • Browse all batteries

Battery Charger

Exide chargers can be used on cars, boats and motorcycles, and are ideal for both consumers and professionals alike. Workshops use the device to ensure customers leave with a fully charged battery every time.


Battery Tester EBT965P & Battery Tester app

Advanced and easy-to-use next generation tester, designed for the most reliable diagnostics for any battery type. It enables preventative maintenance through unique Conductance ProfilingTM feature, including battery health and the remaining available energy in the test results.

battery replacement tool

Battery Replacement Tool BRT-12

Our Battery Replacement Tool comes preloaded with battery codes and makes it easy to replace batteries and clear faults from the dashboard.

repair mockup

Battery replacement instructions

Our essential installation and replacement guide for installers provides comprehensive information for a wide range of xEVs – including labor times. Available free of charge in the Exide Battery Finder (online and app).

Documents & Resources