Exide Releases New Research that Challenges Conventional Battery Wisdom in the U.S.

Exide’s Marathon Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) in North America Outperform AGM and Standard Flooded Batteries in New Third-Party Research Study


  • Marathon EFB Outlasts AGM and SLI for Today’s Demanding Applications

  • Marathon EFB Yields Superior High Heat Tolerance for Under-Hood and High Heat Applications

  • Marathon EFB Exceeds Mid-Depth Cycling Resilience to Power Modern Vehicles


Milton, Georgia – (February 25, 2020) – Exide Technologies, LLC (exide.com) challenges conventional battery wisdom in the U.S. with the results of an in-depth analysis conducted by an independent third-party research company. This study evaluated the performance of the new Exide Marathon® EFB Battery technology against other battery technologies currently available in the North American replacement market, Standard Flooded and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat).

“There is a long-standing belief in the U.S. that AGM batteries are the only batteries that can be used in Start-Stop enabled vehicles and vehicles that require greater energy to power the electrification of today’s modern vehicles. This research challenges that belief and positions the capabilities of Exide EFB technology ahead of AGM in several key performance areas,” said Mike Judd, Exide Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer.

Traditionally, battery performance is rated by CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), yet car manufacturers’ specified CCA requirements have substantially declined over the last 30 years. Conversely, the lighting, processing and sensing capabilities in today’s vehicles have significantly increased, with each new technology feature placing higher energy demands on batteries than ever before.

Exide suggests that instead of relying solely on one-dimensional CCA ratings, the market should focus on performance ratings that measure what’s really important today: the battery’s ability to last longer, stand up to high under-hood temperatures and to durably cycle through its depth of discharge. This shift in performance metrics from simply starting a vehicle to starting and powering the modern conveniences and safety features in a vehicle requires the advanced battery technology found in Exide’s Marathon EFB battery.

The research found that Marathon EFB batteries not only kept pace with AGM batteries, but also exceeded performance in the three most critical areas for automotive battery performance: longer battery life, high heat tolerance and mid-depth cycling resilience. For automobiles without Start-Stop systems, Exide’s EFB provides significant performance advantages over Standard Flooded with 6x greater cycle life and 2x greater charge acceptance, providing ample energy for today’s modern vehicles equipped with advanced safety and entertainment features.

Exide invented EFB technology and was first to bring it to the European market in 2008, where it has an established and successful track record. For more than a decade, auto manufacturers have turned to EFB to meet the growing energy demands of vehicle electrical systems.

“EFB has a proven track record in EMEA and is the battery technology of choice for most European car manufacturers for Start-Stop Applications,” said Judd.” In fact, the market share of EFB is larger and is outpacing AGM batteries in Europe due to its high performance, versatility and overall value proposition. We are proud to be the first U.S. battery manufacturer to bring this road-tested, superior EFB battery technology to automotive aftermarket retailers and consumers in North America.”

Exide’s Marathon EFB batteries are a suitable replacement for vehicles with under-hood AGM, EFB or Standard Flooded Batteries. With increased battery life, durability and greater energy availability, EFB batteries provide consumers with superior performance at an affordable price. The added security of an industry-leading four-year warranty positions Exide’s Marathon EFB as the battery leader in the automotive aftermarket.

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