Energy Solutions Provides VRLA Batteries to NHS Nightingale Hospital

Just a few weeks ago Exide’s sales and marketing team were in London’s ExCeL Centre for the Data Centre World show promoting our Energy Solutions. Now, the large convention center has been transformed into a temporary hospital for coronavirus patients. Energy Solutions provided Sprinter XP batteries as back-up power for the hospital’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.
The Exide Sprinter is a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery that is used for standby backup power in UPS systems to ensure a power supply in the event of an electricity outage. A UPS system is very important in a hospital environment because it continues to power critical applications until the primary power can be restored.
“Our Energy Solutions team supplied Sprinter XP AGM blocks as backup power batteries with a very short lead time to ensure the timely start-up of the hospital,” said Stefan Stübing, President, EMEA.
The NHS Nightingale Hospital, named after nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, initially holds 500 patients but has space for up to 4,000. The structure inside the ExCeL Centre was completed in just nine days by military personnel.
This time lapse video provides a good overview of the project. 
“The project initiated very quickly and we responded immediately,” said Bruce Glaister, Country Manager Energy Solutions. “The project started the last week of March and the first order was placed by our customer on March 29. We delivered two orders within a few days and the third delivered in early April.” 
“A big thank you must also go to the UK Logistics and Admin team who have helped to make this happen,” added Bruce.
About the Exide Sprinter Battery
Built to power critical systems, the Exide Sprinter XP batteries are recognized for their incredibly high power density and impressive reliability for very short and long back-up needs. The battery is specially designed to provide low total cost of ownership, with space savings, easy installation and maintenance, and efficient charging. The Exide Sprinter XP provides reliable back-up power for data centers, telecom applications, and many other infrastructures requiring an uninterruptible power supply.

ExCeL Centre in London
London’s ExCeL Centre has transformed into a 4,000 bed hospital.



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