Exide makes exploration easy with new Marine & Leisure Equipment Li-Ion batteries

•    Six new lithium-ion batteries strengthen Exide’s Marine & Leisure portfolio
•    Fast charging and longer lifespan guarantees great value for customers
•    Innovative heating function allows simple battery recharge from as low as -20°C
•    Smart features, including Bluetooth, allows users to explore with peace of mind

Gennevilliers, France (30/6/2022) – Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com) – Exide Technologies has expanded its Marine & Leisure Equipment Li-Ion range with six new batteries – delivering a premium product that will complement customers’ active lifestyles.

This new range covers most applications within the marine and leisure market, including boats, caravans and motorhomes, and all offer strong levels of safety, performance and a prolonged lifespan. What’s more, they boast smart features.

Smart heating function for ease-of-use and short recharge times

One of these features is an intelligent heating function. Users will no longer need to remove the battery from its original source and store it in a warm location until it’s heated up sufficiently before recharging. Instead, even if the temperature dips as low as -20°C, the battery will heat itself and automatically recharge once the temperature reaches 0°C. 

This also keeps the overall recharge time short: from -20°C and with just 10% of power, the battery will take just four hours (one hour of heating) to complete a standard recharge.

Bluetooth function lets customers focus on what’s important 

The Bluetooth function runs parallel with Exide’s expanding digitalization strategy and adds even more value to the range. 

By downloading the Exide-exclusive ‘M&L Li-Ion Monitor’ app, users will have complete control of either one or multiple batteries’ key features and performance levels, particularly helpful if batteries are installed in difficult-to-reach places. 
In addition, the advanced battery management system (BMS) offers protection against misuse, which further extends life expectancy. BMS alarms are sent to the app and stored, while the user is alerted and can take action immediately. 
Explore the benefits:

•    Cuts operating costs: Three times the lifespan and twice the available energy of a conventional battery optimizes the total cost of ownership 
•    Fast recharge: Outstanding charge acceptance, allowing a rapid recharge from any state-of-charge
•    Lightweight: Substantially lighter than a conventional battery – 70% less, in fact!
•    Heating function: Perfect in any climate; it works at its prime, whether for use or recharge, all the way down to -20°C
•    BMS: For safe operation, protection against misuse and optimum performance
•    Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth communication built into the BMS, allowing seamless link between BMS and mobile application (app). Available on iOS and Android
•    Fully certified for safe use and transport: Range adheres to stringent European regulations

Exide Senior Product Manager, Guido Scanagatta, said: “We hope this new range inspires our customers as much as the world they’re exploring. Wherever their adventures take them, they can be assured of a powerful, reliable and safe battery, packed with smart technology and user-friendly features.

“From an effective BMS to a convenient heating function, not to mention the capability of accessing their battery data anywhere, anytime, this new range will ensure they can get on with the more enjoyable things in life.”


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