High performance

High performance


Boosting of electric vehicles, forklifts, energy storage solutions for industrial application


Electrification is growing in momentum; demand for electric vehicles (EVs) from both motorists and industrial businesses is surging, and the race is on to ensure the right fast-charging infra-structure is in-place to service these types of vehicles. This shift puts pressure on the electrical grid, as, often, the existing grid infrastructure is not sufficient to provide the high output required for EV fast charging. The process needed for grid operators to increase grid capacity and make cables heavier is lengthy and often requires major investment. 

Reference Cases
Customized Energy Systems, boosting, energy Storage systems for renewable energy, back-up power
TanGo Electric - Two charging stations with a power of 160 kW each have been installed at the fuel station.
Customized Energy Systems, boosting, energy Storage systems for fast charging of forklift batteries, peak shaving energy supply
9 x PWR Booster with 30kW / 33 kWh were supplied by Exide. The PWR Booster can charge 18 industrial trucks and recharge themselves during the day.

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