Exide Endurance+ Pro Gel: The Inventor of Gel and EFB technology continues to set the trend

•    Perfect technology is key for TCO
•    Endurance+ PRO GEL for specific needs of Commercial Vehicles
•    Developed in collaboration with major truck and bus manufacturers

Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com), a global provider of energy storage solutions, has been supplying lead-acid batteries to car and truck makers for more than 135 years. 

With customers expecting faster and more predictable deliveries, logistics have become more important than ever. The combination of increasing customer demand and the competitive nature of business has meant that logistics have become pivotal to a day-to-day business routine both for fleet owners and for installers. Particularly in today’s environment where it’s no secret that global business costs are soaring, total cost of ownership (TCO) has become a crucial factor. It is highly important to choose the battery technology which corresponds best to the fleet and application needs, attaching special value to their cold cranking abilities and their vibration resistance. 

Gel technology for heavy duty applications
As a continuous driver of innovation, Exide works day after day on solutions that simplify the work and life of users, having invented the first HVR (high vibration resistant) for trucks back in 2008, and the first Gel technology in 1957. Among our latest developments are the Endurance+PRO GEL batteries, built specifically for commercial vehicles with power-hungry equipment applications. They are more effective, efficient, and robust than comparable VRLA batteries. In addition, this new battery technology has best-in-class deep cycling characteristics and ensures reliable and safe engine starting. All this makes the Endurance+PRO Gel range unique in the market: It has been developed in collaboration with major truck and bus manufacturers to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of bus applications, tractor units, and municipal vehicles with power-intensive equipment.  

The electrolyte is not liquid but is fixed in a gel. This increases the service life above average and ensures that your vehicles stay on the road for a considerably longer period of time. Gel batteries can safely stand depths of discharge up to 90% – allowing higher energy throughput and avoiding vehicle breakdowns due to premature battery failure. 

The technology for power hungry equipment
The Endurance+PRO GEL’s outstanding durability makes it particularly suitable for use in vehicles with high energy throughput. This makes it the ideal choice for city buses: Their doors, monitors, boarding aids with level control and ramps, and other electrically operated functions are very energy-intensive due to their frequent use.
The impressive energy throughput over the battery lifetime keeps it going for twice the lifetime of an equivalent AGM battery (and 10 times longer than a standard flooded battery). Its high vibration resistance in combination with the valve-regulated technology ensures maximum protection. It guarantees a safe and reliable engine start at any time, while being maintenance free and not requiring any topping-up. 


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