Exide Technologies' Customized Energy Systems Unit Successfully Installs Cutting-Edge 'Stadsbatterij' in Den Haag

Helmond, Netherlands - Exide Technologies, a pioneer in battery storage solutions, celebrates the successful installation of the 'Stadsbatterij' (City Battery) in Den Haag through its Customized Energy Systems unit (CES). The innovative battery storage system is located in the pedestrian passageway beneath a prominent modern office building adjacent to the central railway station.

Designed by architect Jan Hoogstad in 1992 and modernized by the renowned OMA architects in 2009, the building now houses various governmental agencies, restaurants, and commercial offices. In 2021, the Dutch construction company Royal BAM Group nv embarked on a prestigious modernization project for the building. BAM engaged with several potential suppliers for the essential Energy Storage System (ESS) and subsequently awarded the contract to Exide Technologies. The selection was based on key criteria for the public tender, including experience, flexibility, functionality, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Given the substantial size of the building, the complexity of the surrounding infrastructure, and challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the project was a meticulous and time-consuming endeavor. The safety considerations associated with installing a battery inside a building, traversed daily by thousands of people, required very careful planning and calculations, as well as meticulous permitting procedures.

The resulting Energy Storage System is a 500 kW/552 kWh installation housed in a purpose-built container with an expanded floor area to accommodate the maximum weight per square meter due to the building's underlying parking garage. For enhanced safety, Li-LFP batteries have been installed on either side of the 500-kW modular and bi-directional converter, with each battery room equipped with an automatic aerosol fire extinguishing system. The system adheres to the latest NEN 4288 norm for energy storage systems, to which Exide’s Customized Energy Systems (CES) made significant contributions. The system is encased in glass, allowing passers-by to view the installation, with signage explaining the purpose and importance of energy storage.

The system serves multiple functions, including optimizing the utilization of PV energy, peak shaving for large consumers like the building's fast elevator system and EV chargers, as well as support for the HVAC system. These measures result in reduced energy costs for the building's occupants and alleviate peak loads on the inner-city electricity cables of the surrounding area. Michael Geiger, SVP Energy Solutions Division at Exide Technologies resumes: "Energy storage systems are the cornerstone of modern cities' progress. They help us capture renewable energy, ensuring cleaner and more reliable power. These systems redefine urban energy, making our cities greener and more resilient."


Project Partners:

  • Energierijk Den Haag
  • Royal BAM Group nv
  • Invensis
  • TROEF Energy

The Exide Technologies CES team expresses their gratitude to Yvar de Groot, Project Manager at Royal BAM Group, for his contributions to the project's success.


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