Exide Technologies unveiled innovative Energy Storage Solutions at ees Europe 2024

  • Well over 100 MWh of installed lithium-ion storage projects
  • Many visitors in Academy Corner during speaking slots 
  • Launch of latest containerized energy storage module: Solition Mega Three 

Exide Technologies, an international leader in battery storage solutions is revolutionizing the energy industry with its unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a legacy spanning over 135 years, Exide Technologies has become a trusted partner for industries worldwide, seamlessly integrating renewable energy into their offerings. 

In the pursuit of a net-zero world, energy management and storage solutions play a crucial role. Exide Technologies' Customized Energy Systems (CES), built on advanced lithium-ion battery technology, offers comprehensive solutions for stationary and mobile energy storage needs. These advanced systems empower businesses and communities to stabilize the grid, optimize energy usage, enhance operational efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.  With well above 100 MWh of installed lithium-ion storage projects, Exide Technologies continues to lead the way in innovation and sustainability. 

At ees Europe 2024, Exide Technologies unveiled Solition Mega Three, the latest in their containerized energy storage series. This cutting-edge system offers a compact design with 3.4 MWh capacity and liquid-cooled components, suitable for both front-of- and behind-the-meter applications. The Solition Mega Three exemplifies Exide Technologies’ commitment to versatile, efficient, and reliable energy storage.

Exide Technologies leads the industry in battery storage solutions, championing innovation, sustainability, and the transition to an eco-friendly energy landscape. With their cutting-edge offerings and dedication to customer satisfaction, Exide Technologies is shaping the future of energy storage and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world.

“This year’s ees Europe was a great opportunity to meet with experts and discuss specific customer needs. Thank you to our customers and partners for visiting and for the many inspiring conversations about the future of energy storage, sustainability, and beyond,” says Michael Geiger, Senior Vice President of Energy Solutions at Exide Technologies. 

Ees Europe 2024 was a resounding success for Exide Technologies. Our Academy Corner, where we showcased real-world energy storage projects together with our customers, became a focal point during the speaking slots. The event underscored the industry’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. 


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Exide Technologies Unveils Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at ees Europe 2024

Gennevilliers, France – Exide Technologies, a global leader in battery storage solutions, is set to revolutionize the energy industry at ees Europe 2024. With well above 100 MWh of installed