Exide Technologies Unveils Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at ees Europe 2024

Gennevilliers, France – Exide Technologies, a global leader in battery storage solutions, is set to revolutionize the energy industry at ees Europe 2024. With well above 100 MWh of installed lithium-ion storage projects, Exide continues to lead the way in innovation and sustainability. 

At the event, Exide will unveil Solition Mega Three, the latest in their containerized energy storage series. This cutting-edge system offers a compact design with 3.4 MWh capacity and liquid-cooled components, suitable for both front-of- and behind-the-meter applications. The Solition Mega Three exemplifies Exide's commitment to versatile, efficient, and reliable energy storage.

In addition to showcasing their latest products, Exide will host an Academy Corner featuring expert sessions on current trends and technologies in energy storage, providing valuable insights into the future of the industry with a various speaking schedule:


  • Energizing Urban Landscapes: Neighborhood vs. Home Storage Batteries: Assess the efficiency of different battery storage systems in urban environments.
  • Harnessing the Sun: Overcoming Grid Connection Challenges in Utility-Scale Solar
  • Ancillary Services in Volatile Grids
  • Battery Energy Storage for Future Smart Cities
  • Driving Future Mobility: Sustainable Public Transport

With a legacy of over 135 years, Exide Technologies integrates seamlessly renewable energy into advanced battery storage solutions. Their modular Customized Energy Systems (CES) support grid stabilization, backup power, and seamless renewable integration, driving the transition toward a net-zero world.

"As a trusted industry leader, Exide Technologies combines a legacy of trustworthiness with pioneering expertise in energy storage systems. Our commitment to excellence propels us to unparalleled heights in the rapidly growing energy storage landscape", says Michael Geiger, Senior Vice President of Energy Solutions at Exide Technologies.

Visit Exide Technologies at ees Europe 2024 in Munich from June 19-21, at stand 160 in hall B2, to explore their innovative solutions and learn from industry experts.


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More news from Exide

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Exide Technologies unveiled innovative Energy Storage Solutions at ees Europe 2024
  • Well over 100 MWh of installed lithium-ion storage projects
  • Many visitors in Academy Corner during speaking slots 
  • Launch of latest containerized energy storage module: Solition Mega Three