Our high-performance battery

The shift changes.


Tensor just keeps going.


No matter how complex your business is, we are the perfect partner: For us, problems are challenges that we like to take care of. That is why we are able to offer you innovative and reliable best-of-class solutions. Topics such as sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important for us, because we want to leave a liveable future for next generations. Our best high-performance battery, which combines all these features, is the Tensor – our solution for extreme duty applications.



Flexible applications

Fewer battery changes: depending on the application, Tensor can reduce the number of battery changes or make them obsolete.


Three shifts, one battery: no need to change batteries during shifts for many applications.


Every 5th battery can be omitted: less battery change and full recharge within 4 hours possible.

Optimization-off grid

Opportunity charging during breaks: offers longer working time without changing the battery.

Combined with our Motion+ fleet management system, your fleet will run even more efficiently. The digital tool monitors battery and charging history, as well as other important parameters. It is used to analyze and control energy consumption, thereby increasing battery life and sending automatic notifications to logistics management.

Business booster for daily routine - Case study with JJ Foodservice