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Dicas de manutenção da bateria para sobreviver ao frio do inverno.

Dicas para sobreviver ao frio do Inverno.

Some want to be famous, no matter the cost. Tensor is famous for reducing the cost.

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Always on.

Nothing could be running better for your business than a battery that runs 24/7. Benefit from our advanced Solition Light Traction Battery.
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Exide lança a sua nova bateria amiga do meio ambiente


The Solition Powerbooster facilitates the electric evolution.

The battery system reduces power costs and can charge EVs during high demand. It promotes independence from the public grid to avoid limitations and provides support for efficient and flexible business operations.
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Um empilhador - uma bateria

A gama Tensor oferece uma operacionalidade superior a 10,000 horas

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