Standing up to the heat! Exide extends its Excell car battery range with new types perfect for extreme temperatures

To prevent the natural deterioration of a standard car battery when exposed to severe heat in extreme climates, Exide Technologies ( has released new battery types as part of its Exide Excell range.

Gennevilliers, France (October 12, 2021) – Exide Technologies ( – When temperatures soar intensely, a flooded battery will struggle to handle the surge. The hotter the weather, the faster the battery will lose its performance and runs the risk of premature failure; therefore, a durable battery with a tailored design is needed for hot climates, such as in Africa, America, the Middle East and many other areas of the world.

Exide Technologies has responded to market demands, with the addition of a new type of battery within its Exide Excell range. Capable of beating incredible heat, these have been manufactured to be more resilient and perform at their optimum:

  • Long life and greater durability in extremely hot climates
  • Stronger performance guaranteed, thanks to Exide’s unique high temperature alloy
  • Minimal water loss means longevity, and no risk of premature dry-out or corrosion from connections being exposed to gases

Testing shows excellent results

Every new model, each available in right and left polarity, has been extensively tested and proven to perform strongly under extreme temperatures. All heat-resistant types will be easily identifiable with the suffix ‘H’; for example, L02 60Ah ETN0 in Exide’s Excell is labelled as EB600H.

Exide Senior Product Manager EMEA, Guido Scanagatta, said: “Extreme heat can cause standard flooded batteries to fail sooner, so there are certain markets with specific needs to cater for demanding environments; therefore, thanks to Exide’s original equipment experience, we’ve researched and developed a range that ensures strong performance at extremely high temperatures and delivers long life in hot climates.”


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