Ground-breaking Marathon PowerCycle battery range propels Exide Technologies to the forefront of telecom and utility – irrespective of the grid!

  • New Marathon PowerCycle AGM battery range meets today’s and tomorrow’s telecom and utility energy storage needs
  • It combines high cyclic performance with long life at high temperatures
  • Perfect energy storage solution for markets with unstable grid or no grid at all
  • Future-ready to support 5G, network densification and market demands for smart and green deployments
  • Customers benefit from low total cost of ownership


Gennevilliers, France (25/03/2022) – Exide Technologies – Marathon AGM batteries already boast an enviable track record in reliably backing up telecom and utility applications connected to the grid. Exide Technologies has now pushed its expertise into emerging hybrid markets, with the launch of the ground-breaking Marathon PowerCycle range.


Marathon PowerCycle batteries are manufactured in Europe and based on advanced AGM technology, which is not just able to fend off the threat of high temperatures but also offers high cyclic use. This is essential for the continued rollout of 5G and the progressive network densification, but also for meeting the needs of emerging markets where there is a poor or no grid at all.


Perfect fit for remote installations combined with renewable energy


In remote areas without an electrical grid, telecom applications typically rely on diesel generators. These come with expensive fuel and maintenance costs, high levels of CO2, and inadequate efficiency and reliability. Switching to Marathon PowerCycle, as part of a hybrid solution that combines battery energy storage and renewable energy sources, removes these disadvantages. It offers a sustainable and cost-efficient energy storage solution for customers and demonstrates Exide’s readiness to meet important market demands.



Leading the way


  • Marathon PowerCycle is designed for high-cyclic use – ensuring long life and low total cost of ownership even in uncontrolled areas
  • The range offers advanced energy storage for telecom and utility, as well as industrial UPS and UPS data center applications
  • Its ability to tolerate high temperatures means cooling costs are greatly reduced and the use in outdoor applications is possible
  • Front-terminal access enables fast and easy installation
  • The unique Carbon Boost® guarantees best-in class charging
  • Marathon PowerCycle comes with inherent safety features
  • The batteries are completely recyclable, thus, reducing customers’ carbon footprint


Where this new range is ground-breaking, however, is its high cycling capability at partial state of charge (PSoC). Combined with volatile renewable energy, it is the storage solution for hybrid applications.


With a design life of 20 years under standard conditions and seven years at high temperature (40°C), as well as a maintenance-free promise during the battery’s service life, Marathon PowerCycle is for now and the future.


Smarter energy storage


Exide Technologies understands how important it is to keep the world connected, with customers needing assurance that whatever the requirement, their applications can count on the most reliable and best-performing energy storage solutions.


What Exide Technologies has created is essential for today and tomorrow’s world, whether it be 5G or the evolution of simple back-up batteries that transform into smart and sustainable energy storage solutions, combined with renewable energy sources.


Serge Arbes, Exide Technologies Business Director Energy Solutions EMEA, said: “With our well-known Marathon AGM battery range, we already offer best-in-class back-up solutions for telecom applications in good grid conditions. Now, we have developed the ideal energy storage solution for hybrid operations as well.


“Marathon PowerCycle’s exceptional ability to perform at high temperatures and at high cycles, together with a very long design life, helps reduce the total cost of ownership, even in uncontrolled areas and where grids are unstable or unavailable.”


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