Exide To Unveil New Lithium Technology At TowerXchange Africa

Gennevilliers, France (October 9, 2019) – Battery manufacturer Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com), a global provider of stored electrical energy solutions, will showcase its latest lithium technology for telecom applications at TowerXchange’s Meetup Africa 2019, which takes place in Johannesburg on 8–9 October. The new high-performance Sonnenschein Lithium TEL48100 comes from Exide’s division, which specializes in energy solutions for stationary and Motion applications.

“We’re excited to take part in TowerXchange’s Meetup Africa 2019,” said Serge Arbes, Business Director Energy Solutions EMEA at Exide Technologies. “Telecommunications is a rapidly changing industry of huge importance, and at we understand the need for its systems and infrastructure to be reliable, energy-efficient, and green, so that we can all stay connected into the future.”

Exide invests heavily in R&D, and has strong experience with lithium technology across other segments of its business. This has led to the next-generation Sonnenschein Lithium TEL48100, to be unveiled at Meetup Africa 2019. The battery offers fast recharging and advanced safety features, and its maintenance-free design is ideally suited for telecom base transceiver station (BTS) applications. Its compact, lightweight structure makes transport and installation easier, and its impressive charge acceptance provides greater operating freedom. The efficiency and exceptional service life reduce total cost of ownership for operators.

In emerging markets, telecom BTS applications typically rely on diesel generators. Switching to a green BTS or a battery-backed hybrid solution can greatly reduce costs, opening up telecommunications to more people. It also reduces dependence on fossil fuels and allows renewables to be the sole source of energy. Such solutions require durable, high-performance batteries with exceptional energy throughput, making Sonnenschein Lithium TEL48100 a compelling choice.

Along with Sonnenschein Lithium TEL48100, which introduces Exide’s lithium technology to the stationary power market, will also present its Marathon M12V 190FT, which uses AGM technology, and Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar and Sonnenschein PowerCycle PC12/180FT, both of which use dryfit Gel Technology. is considered a technology-agnostic provider, offering diverse options to fit different use cases, depending on their unique needs. The company’s product range and expertise enable it to offer customers a tailored solution that works best for them.

TowerXchange is an independent open community for leaders in the emerging tower industry. Its Meetup Africa 2019 event will bring together investors, service providers and top industry executives for two packed days of expert talks, focus groups, exhibitions, VIP sessions, and structured networking on the state of the art in the tower industry.

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Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com) is a global provider of stored electrical-energy solutions for the Automotive and industrial markets. Exide’s 130 years of technology innovation combined with operations in more than 80 countries enables the company to deliver compelling solutions for the world’s current and future power needs. Exide produces and recycles a broad range of products, serving the Automotive, Energy Solutions and Motion market segments with battery and energy storage systems and specialty applications for a broad range of industries including: agricultural, automotive, electric, light and heavy-duty truck, marine, materials handling, military, mining, powersport, railroad, security, telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), among others. Exide is Powering the World Forward - history and scale combined with a start-up mentality make Exide the right choice for customers who want more than simply a battery supplier.


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