Exide Technologies: Bright future of the 12V battery as xEV revolution grows


  • The role of the 12V lead-acid battery is adapting – but remains part of a long-term future
  • Exide is the first choice of 70% of European car brands –
    AGM and EFB batteries are both ideal power sources for xEVs
  • Exide offers tools and know-how to support mechanics working on xEVs 


Exide Technologies - an international leader in battery storage solutions – sees the role of the 12V battery evolving, being crucial for the future of e-mobility. As governments and societies strive towards sustainability and net-zero, the growth of different types of electrified vehicles (xEVs) continues. While its role in xEVs is shifting from starting, lighting & ignition (SLI) and start-stop to new functionalities, the reliable 12V lead-acid battery remains an essential component of vehicle electrification.


Crucial energy source in xEVs – the auxiliary 12V battery

In electric vehicles, a high-voltage battery (300-800V) drives the electric motor and powers the wheels. However, another essential source of energy is the low-voltage 12V battery. By powering the12V electric board net of the vehicle, it keeps everything else running and provides critical auxiliary functions, such as:

  • Standby power for alarm systems or door-lock while the vehicle is parked
  • Initialization and monitoring of the charging process
  • Vehicle start by activating the safety relay and connecting the high-voltage battery to the board net and electric engine
  • Back-up power and voltage stabilization while driving, also powering secondary electrical loads, e.g. for infotainment systems, adaptive cruise control, or lane assist
  • Safety-critical functions in case of system failures, such as power steering, ABS and brake boosting, door locks, emergency lights, and e-call system 

While advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions are increasingly implemented by car makers, the role of 12V auxiliary batteries becomes even more crucial to ensure reliability and safety in every moment and every electric vehicle.


Trusted by leading car makers – Exide’s 12V battery portfolio for xEVs

A 12V lead-acid battery comes in various types and technologies, most notably absorbent glass mat (AGM) or enhanced flooded batteries (EFB). As an OEM and first choice for 70% of European car brands, Exide’s AGM and EFB ranges are trusted globally; in fact, Exide was the first to introduce AGM batteries for start-stop vehicles.

AGM batteries offer a high lifespan and performance stability over lifetime. They are designed and built to endure continuous battery discharges and recharges, making them the ideal battery not only for start-stop applications, but also for auxiliary systems in all xEVs.

Exide AGM batteries feature the most reliable and robust production process and design to ensure no sudden failures happen. It is particularly important to provide an uninterruptable service and support the inherent safety back-up functions in EVs and assisted driving. AGM batteries also show the best response to safety loads with elevated voltage requirements when called to action, for example, for brake/steer-by-wire in evasive maneuvers.

EFBs are another suitable power source for auxiliary systems in xEVs. They boast a high charge acceptance over their lifespan, as well as a great cyclic durability when operating in a reduced state of charge. Like AGM batteries, Exide’s EFBs offer optimized recuperation from regenerative braking, ensuring maximum fuel savings and less CO2 emissions. 

Market growth – secure future for 12V 

Exide is at the forefront of battery innovation, sustainability, reliability, and performance. Its OE pedigree and experience spans more than a century. By utilizing its knowledge of the existing car parc and available data from the EU27, UK and European Free Trade Association, it can make some considered predictions about the future direction of mobility:

  • 100% of all vehicles will still require a 12V power source by 2028.
  •   56% of the vehicles in the car park will feature a start-stop system by 2028
  •   25% of the car parc will be hybrid (FHEV and PHEV) or fully electric (BEV) by 2030

Of course, these numbers may evolve as time progresses, but Exide is sure that the durable, reliable and recyclable 12V lead-acid battery is here to stay.


Indispensable – smart workshop tools and services

Exide believes diagnosis and preventative maintenance are the two key areas for mechanics to focus on. The primary reason for hybrid and EV failure is the discharge of the 12V battery. Therefore, mechanics should check its status every time a vehicle enters the workshop – using Exide’s EBT-965P tester and EBTP app to carry out this simple and quick diagnostic check.

It’s important to note that any vehicle – not just xEVs – fitted with an AGM must be replaced like-for-like. Replacing an AGM with anything else can lead to premature battery failure. It might be possible that an EFB can be upgraded to an AGM. By utilizing the Exide Battery Finder, mechanics can find the correct replacement by entering the registration plate, VIN or chassis number, part number or cross reference. 

Vitally, Exide also leaps to the support of mechanics with comprehensive information, such as step-by-step guides, battery location, and labor times, as well as relevant information regarding the high-voltage systems. These are included in the Exide Battery Finder, which can be accessed for free online or as Exide Battery Finder App.



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