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Customized Energy Systems provides state-of-the-art energy and battery storage solutions using advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Our solutions address the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, facilitating the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. By adopting our modular systems and solutions, businesses can reduce pollution, minimize noise, and gain control over their energy consumption and costs.

Discover How Customized Energy Systems (CES) can Energize Your Business:

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Peter Hecht
Agricultural Sector: Installation of a battery storage system for peak-shaving using self-generated renewable energy.
Wit Flower Bulbs: Containerized storage system for grid enhancement, energy optimization, and trading.
Unibuss Nordics Public Transport
Installation of battery storage system with fast peak-shaving measurement in order to not overload the grid while busses are charging.
Customized Energy Systems, boosting, energy Storage systems for fast charging of forklift batteries, peak shaving energy supply
Solition Powerbooster: 9 units of 30kW / 33 kWh.
Customized Energy Systems, boosting, energy Storage systems for renewable energy, back-up power
Charging Stations: Two stations with 160 kW each, powered by Solition Powerbooster.
Customized Energy Systems
Royal Lemkes: 600 kWh energy storage in container solutions to provide energy during low sunlight periods.

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