Nature benefits.

Business profits.

Operating with energy storage system lithium-ion batteries reduce cost, peak shaving, peak power supply, utility



Businesses are coming under increasing pressure, whether it’s to reduce their carbon footprint, cut rapidly increasing energy costs, or utilize their equipment in the most efficient way. To achieve this, they need a strong and reliable infrastructure that doesn’t cost the earth – quite literally!



reducing energy costs with customized energy systems energy storage systems
reducing energy costs with customized energy systems energy storage systems

Customized Energy Systems step-ups with a smart battery buffering solution. Our modular peak shaving units increase the power capability of the wall socket and deliver additional energy when needed.  

This, for example, might be the case when starting-up a machine at the beginning of a shift, or operations that experience seasonal peaks – where energy consumption could exceed the contractual maximum or where the grid is close to capacity. By offering a constant stream of energy flow, without peaks or changes, it cuts grid costs, optimizes usage, and flattens energy bills. 

cost optimization with customized energy systems, exide technologies


Cost optimization: 

  • Reduce contracted grid cost
peak-power supply energy saving exide technologies customized energy systems


Peak-power supply: 

  • Peak-power supply due to fleet increase
cost optimization grid usage


Optimization of grid power usage: 

  • Avoid costs that exceed the contractual electricity limit
Customized Energy Systems, generating energy through renewable energy Storage systems for renewable energy, back-up power


Opportunity charging during breaks:

  • Offers longer working time by power-charging the battery 
  • May reduce battery changes between shifts 
It’s a win-win!

Ultimately, using existing power supply and a ‘green’ solution means managers are being mindful of the environment while increasing their business’s productivity.