customized energy storage, energy trading, reducing energy bills, selling energy

customized energy storage, energy trading, reducing energy bills, selling energy



In deregulated energy markets, the large fluctuation of energy prices and the increasing share of unpredictable renewable energy sources create significant supply and demand imbalances. These dynamics can lead to grid instabilities but also present new business models and revenue opportunities for battery energy storage solutions.

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Achieve your Goals With CES. 


Customized Energy Systems (CES) provides scalable, containerized energy and battery storage solutions that enable renewable energy generators to actively participate in the deregulated energy market, whether in day-ahead or intra-day trading. Our solutions help reduce energy buying costs and allow for selling surplus energy when prices are at their peak.

Dynamic Energy Solutions.


Our smart storage systems can dynamically switch between charging and discharging based on network frequency, serving as a frequency containment reserve (FCR). This capability helps stabilize the grid, acting as a critical support mechanism for grid operators to maintain overall stability during periods of high demand or supply fluctuations. This requires significant power for short durations, ensuring the reliability of the entire electricity grid.


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