EU Politician Tom Berendsen Explores Battery Energy Storage Innovations at EXIDE Technologies’ Customized Energy Systems BV

  • Political delegation visits Customized Energy Systems to gain first-hand insights into the production of battery energy storage.
  • Exploring the potential of battery energy storage and existing regulatory hurdles
  • The collaboration between EU politicians, the Dutch government, and industry leaders underscores a shared commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Helmond (NL), April 16, 2024 - European Union (EU) politician Tom Berendsen recently visited EXIDE Technologies’ Customized Energy Systems BV, situated at Helmond in the heart of the Netherlands. Accompanied by representatives from the Dutch government and other relevant authorities, the delegation delved into the dynamic world of battery energy storage, gaining insights into the challenges posed by existing rules and regulations within the sector.

EXIDE Technologies, a renowned player in the energy storage industry, hosted the delegation, providing a valuable opportunity for the visitors to witness the cutting-edge technologies and innovations being developed in the field of battery storage firsthand.

The potential of battery energy storage and regulatory hurdles
Battery energy storage has the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape by offering solutions for grid stability, renewable energy integration, and overall energy efficiency. One of the focal points of the visit was the identification of hurdles in the current regulatory framework governing battery energy storage. During the visit, the delegation engaged in constructive dialogues with industry experts and EXIDE Technologies' representatives to pinpoint areas where regulations may be impeding the growth and deployment of battery storage technologies. The visit aimed to pave the way for potential policy reforms and initiatives that could facilitate the widespread adoption of battery energy storage across the EU and beyond.

The insights gained during the visit are expected to provide additional information for ongoing initiatives, aimed at creating a conducive environment for the growth of battery storage technologies, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy future


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