Exide Technologies launches the Sprinter Pure Power battery range

•    Specifically designed for data center and UPS
•    Advanced pure lead AGM technology with >12 years design life
•    Thin plates and optimized power density for ultimate performance and TCO

Exide Technologies, a leading supplier of energy storage solutions for stationary applications, is launching its new Sprinter Pure Power battery range. Specifically developed for use in data center UPS, this latest generation of advanced AGM batteries also serves a broad variety of other applications.

Data centers: A pioneering technology enters the next level

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, data centers must manage exponentially growing data volumes and increase the capacity of their facilities, operating cost-efficiently and becoming sustainable to remain competitive. They need a reliable and advanced back-up power system in case of potential power outages. The choice of the right battery, to serve as the data center’s backbone, is thus most important. 

Compelling features with optimized cost efficiency and TCO
Sprinter Pure Power batteries are designed to provide maximum reliability, durability, and performance in modern data centers, including large-scale colocation and hyperscale facilities. They are made with pure lead electrodes, offering the highest power, corrosion resistance and high-temperature operation, allowing significant savings on air-conditioning, which will result in considerably reduced CO2-emissions and substantial energy savings. Compared to traditional AGM batteries, Sprinter Pure Power provide a significant reduction of the data center total cost of ownership (TCO), thanks to 20% more power at high-rate discharge, 15-20% space saving, >12 years design life (Eurobat classification) and reduced charging cost due to their excellent charge efficiency. The thin plate design of Sprinter Pure Power ensures maximum energy transfer, and the special polypropylene container reduces water vapor emissions and prolongs the maintenance-free service life.

Paving the road to the future with fully automated production lines 
Sprinter Pure Power batteries are made in Europe on brand new and fully automated, state-of-the-art production lines fully dedicated to pure lead AGM, with quality controls at each stage of the production. 

Embracing circular economy and solar power as a path to sustainability, the Sprinter Pure Power factory in Portugal (Castanheira) uses solar energy, generated with Exide’s PV farm at the production and recycling facilities. It is the largest PV installation at a manufacturing site in Portugal, that uses solar energy for self-consumption, enabling the Exide plant to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20%.
More than data centers - more than UPS 
Besides in data center UPS, Sprinter Pure Power also provides great opportunities in applications such as UPS-as-a-Reserve (UPSaaR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER), as-well as grid service provided by operators in various industries.

“These most advanced pure lead AGM batteries for UPS and data center applications are produced on fully automated manufacturing lines, with systemic quality controls at each stage of the production,” explains Serge Arbes, Senior Business Director Global Energy Solutions at Exide Technologies. “Thanks to its closed-loop recycling, and the use of solar energy from one of the biggest solar farms with energy storage in Europe, the Sprinter Pure Power has the smallest possible CO2 footprint.”


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